Virtual Production: The Tech Revolutionising Hollywood and Bolstering the Boys' Club | (Video)

Virtual production is an emerging field of visual effects that effectively combines film and computer science. It allows filmmakers to combine physical and virtual assets in real-time and has made possible ground-breaking content. As Hollywood becomes more reliant on virtual production, filmmakers will require a basic understanding of computer science and game development to adapt to this new technology. As these are both male-dominated fields, this threatens to widen the already problematic gender divide in the film industry.

Webinar Outline:

  • Statistics of gender inequity in film production, computer science and game development
  • Introduce virtual production
  • Difference between traditional VFX & virtual production
  • Different software/methods involved
  • Facial motion capture
  • Virtual camera
  • Building a world environment/lighting a scene
  • Where the future of the field is headed

Who is this Webinar perfect for:

  • Everyone interested in gender equality in tech
  • People who enjoy film or are interested in film production
  • People interested in creative applications of new technology
  • Companies specialising in game development technology

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