How We Talk About the Opportunities and Dangers of Data Usage with Nontechnical Groups | (Video)

Throughout time, humans have always found ways to supplement our intelligence, but the age of Big Data means that the opportunities to do so are especially exciting right now. For those of us who build these systems and those of us who use them (that's almost everyone these days), this talk will focus on the upsides and downsides of how machine-human collaborations rapidly process massive data sets and superpower our brains, and we'll go through some ways to express the benefits and dangers of these rapidly evolving processes and powers to the nontechnical people in our lives, including our families, friends and policy-makers.

Webinar Outline:

  • Highlighting the opportunities and risks as we combine cognitive technology strengths with human strengths.
  • Discussion of algorithmic problems within Neutrality/Incentives; Risk/Bias and Limitations/Perspective.
  • Real-world examples of benefits as well as abuses as a demonstration of how ideas and regulation must evolve along with the industry.

Who is this Webinar perfect for:

  • Everyone from marketers, researchers and business managers to data professionals.
  • Companies that need to explain their data usage and policies.
  • Individuals who are concerned about data privacy issues and policies.

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