Remote Facilitation: Enabling Impactful Remote Collaboration - (Video)

Jul 14, 2020

Collaboration in remote meetings doesn't have to be difficult, learn how to make it effective, enjoyable and valuable. Join us as we detangle some of the complexities of remote collaboration and share some practical ways to improve these spaces. This webinar will be hosted by Kirsten Clacey and Jay-Allen Morris, authors, worldwide speakers, Remote Team Coaches at eyeo and remote collaboration trainers and consultants.

Key takeaways include:-

  • A walk through of typical remote meeting patterns
  • Looking to the neuroscience to understanding remote meeting challenges
  • Rethinking meetings with a different lens
  • Practical methods to improve some of these patterns

Who is this Webinar perfect for:-

No prior experience is needed. This webinar is for anyone who works remotely and wants to unlock quality remote collaboration.

Presented by:

Jay-Allen Morris, Remote Team Coach @ eyeo

Kirsten Clacey, Remote Team Coach @ eyeo

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