Is Now The Time to be Thinking About a Career Move? - (Article)

May 19, 2020

Is Now The Time to be Thinking About a Career Move?


As we all know we are in the midst of a pandemic; some people assume that all firms have stopped hiring and there are no new jobs available. This can be different depending on where you are based, the sector you want to work in and the decisions that companies are making now. Yes, some companies will not be hiring but others are still hiring, and some are making the decision that now is a good time to hire because there is less competition for good talent. The two things that I encourage people to think about what they set out their career strategy (all the time, not only during this time) are:


1. Consider your options: Setting out a goal for your career helps you to get clear on the options that you potentially may want to consider for your own career. Once you have an overall goal, consider what options can help you to achieve that goal. For example - options can potentially exist within your current organisation as well as other organisations within your current field of work or doing something completely different in other fields of work. You could also have the option of setting up your own business. Doing your research into what options you want to consider can help you to be ready when an opportunity comes along within any of your areas of interest. I work with my clients on value-based decision making – where they can very easily make decisions on their career, based on their own values, where they are in their life and what is important to them at this time in their life. When you are clear on your own values and your specific goals, your options become clear for you as well.


2. Identify opportunities: When you have your career strategy and you know what options you could consider, then you can focus your time and energy on are the things that are within your control to find the right opportunities. If you feel that now is a time when you want to focus on the opportunities then you can be proactive about getting to know who within your network (both your internal and external network), that could help you to find out about potential opportunities. For example – could you reconnect in with some contacts on LinkedIn; could you ask some people internally for a virtual coffee to talk about your career opportunities internally. In all cases, ensure that you are ready when an opportunity comes along. Or create the opportunity for yourself by spotting a gap in the market that you could help with and set up your own company. A lot of people cannot see the opportunities that are available to them because they assume there are no opportunities.


During these uncertain times, we can’t control how the market is going or will go during and after this pandemic. You may not be in control of creating the opportunities, however, you are in control of the decisions that you make about your career. You are in control of how proactive you can be about spotting and being ready for opportunities that do become available. If you are feeling demotivated about your career, read our “Three Tips to Help You to Get Motivated About Your Career” blog.



Aoife Mollin is the founder of AMAResults that supports professionals who are dissatisfied in their careers that are dragging down their entire life. Clients work with Aoife to uncover a plan to a career that inspires and satisfies them so they are more fulfilled in a career they love and have the energy and time to enjoy life again - without the stress. This leads to greater confidence, satisfaction & success in their role. She has supported clients in large organisations across industries - financial services, IT, transport, retail - within both the private and the public sector.


Aoife combines her 15+ years consulting experience with training and coaching skills, allowing her to challenge individuals to understand how they can work through career change by mapping out a career that allows them to contribute more effectively to organisational performance while enjoying their work.

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